*~~*~S.P.A.Z. RADIO presents PORTLAND'S MOST UNWANTED 20:00-23:59 PST 4/12/2018~*~~*

ʕʘ̅͜ʘ̅ʔ hello there

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*~~*~S.P.A.Z. RADIO presents PORTLAND'S MOST UNWANTED 20:00-23:59 PST 4/12/2018~*~~*

Tune in to S.P.A.Z. RADIO @ spaz.org/radio/ from 8:00-midnight tonight for Portland's Most Unwanted!

- nAtAshA
- Dr. Burtrum
- Chip Scout
- Bobbi Wasabi

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    * party popper emoji *
  • fugg I meesed this, is it recorded anywhere?
  • yeah they archive it all at spaz.org
  • Sick jamz and jamming. Blasting it for the am work shift. What is SPAZ radio?
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    SPAZ is like a freak collective out here that is partly involved in organizing "autonomous mutant fest" which is a weirdo techno/noise party in the woods every summer. SPAZ = "semi-permanent autonomous zone" (a la hakim bey's "temporary autonomous zone")

    someone else could probably explain it better but i'm not sure how often anyone checks this site at the moment so i did my best!
  • Wild. I looked up the website, sounds fun. I briefly logged in to FB and saw you're back doing Chaos Warp. I'll be tuning in every Thursday. Excited to hear your show again!
  • thanks joe! :~)
    i'm only on every other week, and im not sure what my alternating dude plays. so if it sounds questionable IT'S PROBABLY NOT ME!!
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