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"what is noise? fest" in corvallis

edited March 25 in events
march 31st in corvallis, 2pm-midnght, there are gonna be like 50 performances!

homie sets include the halloweener, sea moss, talc, rust promoter... it's gonna be weird! super short sets kinda modeled off INC/the noise fest thing we had at HFBW recently.

i know corvallis is kinda far so i can take a few people in my car if anyone wants to show up really early and stay the whole damn time, but steph i think is also taking a vanload of peeps a little later and leaving a little earlier.

$5 tho and it seems like it might not be notaflof :( but we can try to say rust promoter is a huge ensemble and you're all in the band with me. or we could ACTUALLY perform as a huge improvised ensemble with like 20 people if yall wanna cause i'm very serious, that is like my dream band that i've been talking about for years

anyway check out this flyer!!!!!! :open_mouth:


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