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Aries Sun

Last week I went into Wal-Mart for half priced bed sheets and came out with a 5 foot teddy bear. What happened was I was with my mom (Scorpio Sun/Cap Moon) for Black Friday shopping and on our way in I spotted a little girl barely holding on to this huge stuffed bear in the parking lot. I'm in my 20's and I'm freaking out at the sight of this bear. I whisper to my mom "Oh my god, I want one. We have got to find them." My mom stops this girl's mom in the parking lot and finds out that the bears are in huge bins towards the back of the store and that we'd better hurry to get one. So there I am, sprinting through Wal-Mart, pulling my mom in tow, to buy a giant teddy bear for myself. If that isn't Aries, then I don't know what is.
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