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ↂwelcome to astroguildsↂ


Astro Guilds is the internet's only structure-less social astrology experiment for all experience levels. Anyone is allowed to join Astro Guilds, and members are encouraged to help add to the content and curiosity that is necessary in keeping this community together. The concept of Astro Guilds is a freeforall forum for people to learn about specific astrological archetypes in the context of group interactions initiated by people with specific astrological placements within their natal chart.

In order to take part in Astro Guilds you must do the following:
  1. Obtain your natal chart through the OFFICIAL ASTRO GUILDS NATAL GENERATOR or in any other way you see fit.
  2. Double-check your birth data to make sure everything is on point. For the AstroGuilds Natal Generator you'll need to verify that your timezone is accounting for daylight savings time (for instance someone born in California in June would put -07:00 for PDT, someone born in California in December would put -08:00 for PST). I recently updated, the page to take Birth City/ Country info.
  3. Interpret your chart. Study your placements, and add to the discussions, by creating a discussion in the astro guilds category of your choosing. DONT WORRY ABOUT ORGANIZING YOUR POST, if anything is out of place I'll move it myself.
  4. If your placements are not available in the discussion list (which they won't be this early into the game) then you are donned with the challenge of initiating the discussion. For instance, if Bobby runs their birth data through the AstroGuilds Natal Generator and is told that there are no Astro Guilds made for a Sun in the 5th House placement, then it is their duty to initiate the discussion!
  5. Any problems with the Astro Guilds format should be reported to me @nico ASAP. Remember this is a dynamic structure-less social astrology experiment, and things of this nature necessitate a solid sense of understanding and adaptability. As we learn together we grow together.

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