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[SUGGESTION THREAD/ TSA Manifesto]Tell me what you want what you really, really want

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So there's 69 of us now who have made the move to thestrangeattractor. The goal is for this to be our little island away from facebook as a social media empire and despite our humble beginnings I'm pretty excited about things so far. Take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back for enabling these illusions of cyber grandeur within me, and let's look forward to the real meat of this confusing sandwich together.

Let's face it, The Strange Attractor at its current state, is obviously too dull, broken, and confusing to really take root with the larger part of our community. For the most part, facebook is too convenient, distracting, and pervasive to counter, and that's not really the point of this site existing. I liken my internet use to that of any other broadcast medium. Relying on the big ones (facebook/instagram/twitter) for all your online social interactions is like relying on the billboard charts or mainstream radio for your music. I think the discussions, and creative processes that we share with each other on social media are little pieces of art in their own right, and relinquishing the essence of that artistic output to corporations that don't give a fuck about us is beyond disheartening.

That being said, this is my personal solution beyond outright abandoning social media altogether. There is obviously a need for social media platforms, and the sharing of information on the internet. I want this site to act as a facilitator in returning us to the arcane roots of the internet in all its absurd eminence. I want our little corner of the web to offer repose to virtual castaways, drowning in a sea of fluff content, and consumerism.

Anything you post in the comments below I will try my best to manifest.
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  • More ads! Get that revenue, my man!
  • save those suggestions for the lame attractor
  • you should add that sick background image that's on the mobile-version of the calendar to the full site version.

  • @tannoy said:
    you should add that sick background image that's on the mobile-version of the calendar to the full site version.

    I might be able to make that happen, I was also thinking about maybe having a guest artist design the background for the event calendar page each month. First person to respond with interest gets the remaining month of September, I'll DM you with deets

  • honestly all i want are interesting money making schemes

  • @Pam_Plemousse said:
    honestly all i want are interesting money making schemes

    All sarcasm aside, functionality, and building an actual user base for the site is key at this point. I envision a sort of pop-up style marketplace for users in the future, but for obvious reasons want to avoid any capitalist efforts pushed by TSA.

  • A barter system could be interesting.

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    I changed the homepage to make it simple and link directly to the forums if you want to check that out it is just the home link at http://thestrangeattractor.xyz , speaking of links there's a bug in the site right now that redirects all links formatted through the post editor to a broken link nested inside the site root. I'm working on fixing it, but I don't really know how. Let me know if you find any bugs while your interfacing with TSA and I'll make it worth your while
  • Kinda a weird one, but on mobile it automatically goes to that "sign in/register" screen even if in already signed in.
  • I'm back! WHAT DO Y'ALL WANT!
  • games i can play from my phone please ?? :]
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    I think more discussion categories should be implemented asap, at least for music, artwork, occultism/metaphysics, ontop of the preexisting ones.

    I can't speak for others, but more structured site navigation in regards to user posts would give me more incentive to be active on here. :)

  • I did the discussion categories thing for the original TSA (back in 11/2016) and it kind of was what destroyed the experience of the site honestly. The fact of the matter is that people weren't making a point of returning to the topics they had wrote in, and with such subjective topic choices (I think we had something similar to the categories you proposed) there was a lot of overlap. There's a piece of me that likes the endless page form, I can add some sort of categorization feature, but for now, I'm going to leave the site as structure-less as possible.
  • Fair enough.
    Just needed a little more time to get used to the format, it's already growing on me.
  • pimpipes said:

    Fair enough.
    Just needed a little more time to get used to the format, it's already growing on me.

    Looking into this I think we can add like a custom category or tag feature. If you're a person who likes a more organized feed, you'd be able to edit your profile settings and design your own forum layout there? Profile and interface customization are two of my priorities at this point. Don't worry everyone, this orange gradient business will soon be changeable.
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