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(http://blog.caranddriver.com/koenigseggs-camshaft-less-engine-explained-watch-it-in-action-video/ "blog.caranddriver.com/koenigseggs-camshaft-less-engine-explained-watch-it-in-action-video/")


  • Can anybody teach me how to change my oil? I've never owned a car before now and I wanna learn basic stuff! I have oil and a filter and will be needing to do it within the next few weeks
  • Why Certainly!! 1.Buy 5 quarts of oil. 2.Take off your oil cap from the top of the engine so air is flowing through the engine better. 3. Go under your car and find the oil pan. It's on the bottom side of the engine and has a central bolt that acts as a plug on the very bottom. 4. unscrew that with a wrench and let the oil drain into a fairly large pan, this is the messiest part. 5. (optional) while that's unscrewed it's a good thing to pour about a 1/4-1/2 quart of oil into the filler and flush out the old oil that's left sitting in there. You definitely don't need to do that, but the more old oil washed out of the engine all the better. 6. Screw the oil plug back on the pan, wrenched tight but you don't need to wail on it. 7. unscrew the old oil filter by hand or if it is really tight on there, I use a channel lock and crimp hard into that casing to get it started (don't worry about damaging what you replace.) Be careful with the old filter when you have it off because it's full of oil! 8. After you have that off dip your finger in the new oil and rub it on the rubber seal at the top of the new filter. This is important as it prevents the rubber seal from seizing to the block. Screw on the new filter and when it feels snug give it like 3/4 turn more +but just hand tight!+ 8. Add the new oil the amount you need will vary but do it till it reads full on the dipstick (you'll only notice it on the dipstick near the very end of what you need so pour slower when you start to see it on the dipstick and check often if you're not sure. Having too much oil in the engine can destroy it. If you accidentally poured too much in though it's a pain you should go back down to the pan unscrew the plug and let a little out. a teensy bit over the full line isn't gonna kill you though.. 9. Finally put the cap back on and it's always a good idea to check the plug and around the oil filter to see if anything new is leaking out. +++++++++Hope that helps!! Definitely a mouthful a video would probably help too. This is the first thing I learned to do with cars and it made me feel confident enough to pick it up as a career so go you for doing it!! Working on engines is totally fun and interesting.
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